Our Story

Pioneer of independent production company in Indonesia. Starting in 2001, have been actively producing short films that awarded in numerous of International film festivals. In 2012 start to produce length features films such as ONE DAY WHEN THE RAIN FALLS (Ifa Isfansyah, IFFR, 2013), SITI (Eddie Cahyono, Telluride, 2015) TURAH (Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo, Indonesia Official Entry for OSCAR 2018), THE SEEN AND UNSEEN (Kamila Andini, Toronto IFF 2017) and MEMORIES OF MY BODY (Garin Nugroho, Venice Orrizonti 2018). We also develop and produce several series such ad DO(S)A (8 eps/AstroShaw), TUNNEL (16 eps/GOPLAY) and HITAM (4 eps/KLIKFILM).

Our Vision

Produce contemporary, innovative and accessible films with artistically approach and strong voice by the directors to support diversity of cinema. We also focus on discovering new talent in Indonesia.

The Directors

Producer, Director
Ifa Isfansyah
Director, Script Writer
Kamila Andini
Director, Script Writer
Eddie Cahyono
Director, Script Writer
Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo
Director, Cinematographer, Script Writer
Faozan Rizal
Kuntz Agus
Director, Script Writer
Garin Nugroho
Director, Script Writer
Sidharta Tata

Our Achievement

Our Partners