Bedjo van Derlaak

Year of Production:


Running Time:

10 min


Eddie Cahyono


Eddie Cahyono, Ifa Isfansyah, Narina Saraswati, Rah Aji Surya


Ifa Isfansyah


Adi Marsono, Sebe Emmelot

Indonesia 1949.Dutch in 2nd agressor. One platoon Indonesia army guerilla on the mission. Ducth attack them and war began. Bedjo, one of Indonesia army guerilla be separate from that platoon. Bedjo found a small house in the middle oh jungle. He hear   something from inside and found Maryam, a pregnant woman and Van Derlaak, dutch army. What will happen to them!?

Festival & Awards

  • Best Students Film / Bali International Film Festival 2003
  • Jakarta International Film Festival 2003
  • Official Selection Culture Olimpic Athena, 2004
  • Nomination / Akira Kirosawa Memorial Short Film Competition 2007