Setengah Sendok Teh

Year of Production:


Running Time:

18 min


Ifa Isfansyah


Damiana Widowati, Chandra Endroputro, Ary Juwono, Narga


Ifa Isfansyah


Titi Dibyo, Suparwoto, Suhartono

The story about a wife who love his husband, deeply. Everyday the wife makes a cup of coffe for his husband; three teaspoon of coffe-half teaspoon sugar. The husband never delightted by the wife’s coffe. The wife keep trying to make a cup of coffe for his husband. Because she loves him, deeply.

Festival & Awards

  • In Competition / International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008
  • Best Short Film / Hongkong Independent Film-Video Award 2008
  • Singapore International Film Festival 2008
  • Jeonju International Film Festival 2008
  • In Competition / Busan Asian Short Film Festival 2008